Furutech Fancy Power Cable

PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Not sure if that's the market for this, but Furutech just launched a new power cable. Yup, gorgeous new power cable. How much would you pay for a Powerflux Piezo Ceramic series with layers of carbon fiber? Take a guess. Higher . . . higher . . .

For a mere $1,800.00, you too can own this power cord. Now, I love carbon fiber as much as the next person, and have been known to pay a premium for carbon fiber bicycle bits, but this is a bit extreme.

What makes them so special?

"Furutech's beautifully-finished FI-50(R) IEC and FI-50M(R) Piezo Ceramic series connector housings are made of multiple layers of carbon fiber in a damping and insulating acetal copolymer, surrounded by nonmagnetic stainless steel bands. The connector bodies combine two "active" materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated as well forming an extremely effective, mechanically and electrically nonresonant connector body that may just be the most sophisticated in the world."

I didn't make that up.  It's from the spec sheet.

Now, here's where I get lost. This is an amazing power transfer device. But, if the power coming out of my wall is crap, won't this just carry the crap? If you have a power conditioner, and can supply this cord with pristine power, go for it. But, if you're plugging this into the wall and expecting greatness, well, in the immortal words of PT Barnum . . . . -Leslie Shapiro

293pxpt_barnum_greatest_show_on_ear Furutech