"The Frame" Fine Art Channel

Canada's Shaw Cable just launched a new HD channel that will really show off the true art of HD. "The Frame" is a 24/7 channel that will showcase fine art and photographs from 16 galleries across Canada. The galleries will shift every thirty minutes, and each individual image will be displayed for thirty seconds. Music will accompany, chosen to add to the theme of the images.

The channel debuted in Calgary on July 29 and will roll out to other markets in September. It's included with the basic HD programming package. Thankfully, it is commercial-free.

Cool, right?  What a great way to show off your new HD set. Is there anything like it available in the States?

Well, there used to be. Yup. Sucks for us in the US.

451pxdiegovelazquez_meninasdetail VOOM HD has Gallery HD, a "channel dedicated to visual art and the artistic process." What's the problem? DISH Network dropped VOOM -- the 15-channel 24/7 HD package. Now, only Interactive Optimum carries VOOM.

There was also GalleryPlayer, the service that provided HD art images for your GalleryPlayer-compatible Mitsubishi, Panasonic, or Samsung TV. What's the problem with this? GalleryPlayer ceased operations as of July 30, 2008.

So, it looks like you either have to move to Canada, or go shoot your own images at the Louvre to get HD art on your HD TV. -Leslie Shapiro

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