Flex Automation Bridges Control4 and Z-Wave

Control4 is the preferred automation system by many custom installers (myself included), and while the company offers some Z-Wave integration, it is meager at best, interfacing with only a very small handful (less than 15) of devices. For users that want to tap into the hundreds of widely available and unique Z-Wave components, Flex Automation debuted two new devices to bridge the control gap.

Billed as the “first Z-Wave Hub integrated with Control4 Composer” the Flex Control4 Hub (FC4) will allow installers and users alike to select the perfect sensor or device for their application, without needing to be restricted to devices manufactured or supported by Control4. Once installed and integrated into a project, Control4 users will be able to control virtually any Z-Wave device seamlessly from Control4 touchscreens, remotes, or using the Android or iOS app with full two-way feedback.

The Flex Cloud Cloner (FCC) can learn 433MHz radio frequency codes, allowing Control4 systems to natively control devices like Somfy RTS shade/curtain motors, ceiling fans, and LED stripes with up to a 600-foot range, further opening up a huge new world of control opportunities. The FCC adds an omnidirectional infrared blaster, three IR routing ports, and IR learner, and a dry contact input for additional installation flexibility.

Control4 programmers will also love that the Hub integrates directly with Control4’s Composer programming software, meaning that no additional hardware, installation, or software will be required to create and manage the Z-Wave network. Devices will also program in a very familiar manner, making it simple for installers to add new Z-Wave devices to a system.

Both devices are scheduled to begin shipping in Q1 at prices “around $249.”