First Blu-ray/DVD Debuts

What could possible push the sales of Blu-ray harder into the positive numbers is debuting in Japan. The world's first hybrid Blu-ray/DVD movie is going to be released (in Japan) on February 18th.  One of the benefits of the dearly deceased HD DVD was the ability produce hybrids. This new technology was shown playing on a Sony Playstation3.

Some folks might be holding off on buying either a DVD or Blu-ray of a movie is that they're waiting until they actually buy a new player. They know they're going to buy a Blu-ray player soon, but until they do, do they buy DVD, or wait until they get the player and buy Blu?

The only bad thing about this new hybrid technology is the title they've chosen for their first demonstration . . .

Kyodo01 Of all the movies they could have chosen, Code Blue Emergency Helicopter was the one. Odd choice, that's for sure.

Given a choice, which would you  buy?  DVD, Blu-ray, or a hybrid BD/DVD that plays in either machine? —Leslie Shapiro

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