FCC Doom and Gloom on DTV Transition

While the transition is coming, ready or not, a member of the FCC has said that it "will be messy . . . but we'll get through it."

This quote is from Robert McDowell (R), just a few weeks after FCC Chairman Daniel Inouye said that the winner of November's presidential election could be inheriting a communications crisis.

Who will suffer most in the transition, and what does the FCC suggest to ease the transitional pain?

Although viewers might miss out on their favorite show, broadcasters have the most to lose if they lose their viewers. The FCC is suggesting that broadcasters increase their educational campaigns and make it clear exactly what steps consumers must take to ensure that they keep getting their over-the-air broadcasts.  As it stands right now, since the digital signal isn't as robust as analog, even people who have done everything right still could lose some channels.

Do us a favor. You all probably know someone who doesn't have cable or satellite. Give them a call, and see if they need help with their antenna or digital converter box. Hook it up for them. Pat yourself on the back and watch Survivor in DTV with them. You'll be glad you did. -Leslie Shapiro