The Fat Lady Sings: HD DVD Is Dead

Yes, Yogi, it's OVER. Check out this link, originally filed by the AP at 7:48 this morning (and re-filed at 11:05):

By the way, folks, for the record:

Contrary to these recent headlines . . .

"Support Grows for Blu-ray High-Def DVDs" - USA Today
"Sony's Blu-ray DVD Format Could Prevail" - AP via Yahoo!

. . . please remember that Blu-ray Discs are not DVDs. The Blu-ray format is not based on the DVD format. Look at any Blu-ray package, and you won't find the word "DVD" anywhere.

A common mistake - just like saying DVD-Audio and SACD multichannel discs are 5.1. No, they're 6.0! -Ken Richardson