Extreme Makeover: Home Theater Edition

Some home theater fanatics can get pretty worked up about design. Typical brushed metal and black can look bland and "off the shelf." Recent additions from many electronics manufacturers of slick "piano black" and bamboo-encased speaker systems are getting deserved attention, but now Home Technology Store is going all the way with custom color matching.

The service, dubbed Hu, costs between $300 and $400 for HDTVs, $159 for TV mounts and $175 for a pair of speakers, but in order to get the service, customers must choose from one of the Home Technology Store's products (luckily, their LCD and plasma collection includes mostly LG and Pioneer Kuro models - not bad).

The store claims they can match any color at all within ten days based on a paint swatch mailed in by the customer, but they urge you to consider your colors carefully by contemplating a "hidden" design or a "designer series." With "hidden" components, the electronics match the wall color perfectly to make them blend in with their surroundings. Designer series components coordinate with accents in your home theater. The company also offers to match with a customer's favorite sports team, and offers to recolor the equipment in five years after a bout of home remodeling. -Rachel Rosmarin

Home Technology Store