E3 2013 Highlights

I'm the wrong person to cover E3. I loathe it. True, I'm a gamer of the 1st degree, but being a E3 has nothing to with being a gamer. It has everything to do with the shouty, misogynistic, terrified-of-the-new, big-business industry of gaming.

Also, I fraking hate crowds of aimlessly wandering people. Haaaaaaaate.

That said, this year was less horrible than year's past. Here are some pictures and highlights. 

Gran Turismo 6

I LOVED this game when I played it the first time, back when it was called Gran Turismo 5. This "new" version looks a loooot like 5. I'm sure it will be shiny and new and blah blah blah whatever I'm going to buy it so who cares.

Battlefield 4

I've written a ton about BF3, as it was flat out awesome. Like GT6 I'll be buying this one at launch no matter what, so I really haven't paid any attention to it. This video makes 4 look awesome.

DayZ standalone


The DayZ mod was one of the most creative and unique gaming experiences of recent memory. The long-awaited standalone version looks a lot more polished.