DVD REVIEWS: Dave Chappelle

Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Paramount
Series •••½ Picture/Sound ••••½ Extras ••••½
Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth Sony
Movie •••½ Picture/Sound ••• Extras •••
It wasn't too long ago that Dave Chappelle was best known as the good-natured stoner from Half Baked. Now, despite his recent "disappearance," he's one of the hottest comedians since Richard Pryor. Season 2 of Chappelle's Show is where he really hit his stride, including the sketch that introduced his signature line: "I'm Rick James, bitch!" His standup act, For What It's Worth, is less consistent and potentially more offensive (kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart should probably be above public ridicule), but it hits the mark just enough.

The 13 episodes on the three-disc Show are often blurry, but the Dolby Digital stereo soundtrack has clear dialogue and music with a fair amount of body, bass, and dynamic range. Worth's widescreen images are significantly crisper, and its 5.1-channel mix convincingly places the audience in the rear. Show has laid-back commentaries for five episodes plus an hour of outtakes and some between-sketch standup. Worth comes with worthless clips of the comedian honing his routine in front of a smaller audience. Chappelle's Show: [TV-14] English, Dolby Digital stereo; full frame (1.33:1); three dual-layer discs. Worth: [NR] English, Dolby Digital 5.1; letterboxed (1.78:1) and anamorphic widescreen; single layer.