DVD Review: Lady Chatterley

Movie •••½ Picture •••½ Sound •••• Extras ••

Pascale Ferran's French-language adaptation derives from a later version of the famous D.H. Lawrence novel about an Englishwoman's search for all sorts of fulfillment, largely with her paraplegic husband's sensitive, muscular gamekeeper. It's nicely mounted, finely acted, and leisurely almost to a fault. It also succeeds at the balancing act of portraying frank sexuality with artful restraint.

The image seems a little soft in focus, yet it still manages lovely detail in both well-appointed interiors and vegetation-heavy exteriors, with convincing day-for-night sequences and a restrained color palette. The restraint extends to the sound mix, which you really have to listen to make out carefully placed birdcalls. The only extras are stills and a trailer.

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