DVD Review: The Devil Wears Prada

20th Century Fox
Movie ••• Picture •••½ Sound ••½ Extras •••
The Devil Wears Prada presents the high-fashion publishing world as seen through the eyes of a young college grad. It's pretty banal stuff, but the wondrous Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, the most powerful woman in fashion and Ice Queen nonpareil, owns every inch of this movie. Yet again, Meryl rocks.

The transfer has nice, meaty colors and plenty of image detail: office interiors, Miranda's perfect apartment, and Paris and New York by night all look properly luminescent, with fine resolution and very few discernible tiling artifacts. Sonically, there isn't much going on here; dialogue is crisp, but the audio action rarely strays outside the boundaries of the screen, save for the occasional ambient effect (there's a nice crowd buzz at one of Miranda's parties, for example). Extras include a reasonably interesting commentary by director David Frankel and four members of his creative team, five yawn-inducing featurettes, a gag reel that's short on gags, and 15 deleted scenes which, as usual, were best left on the cutting-room floor. [PG-13] English, Dolby Digital 5.1; French and Spanish, Dolby Surround; letterboxed (2.35:1) and anamorphic widescreen; dual layer.

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