DualView for Extreme Gaming

As an extension of the 3D capabilities Texas Instruments displayed at the 2007 CEDIA Expo, TI demonstrated an incredibly exciting new possibility, which might end up making DLP the hard-core gamer’s best technological friend.

Traditionally, multi-player games use a split screen where the display’s real estate is divided in half. While this not only limits the size of the screen view, it also allows players to “cheat” by checking out each other’s screens. It’s kind of hard to sneak up on somebody for that ever-satisfying head cap or melee attack when you can just look at their screen and catch a glimpse of your character’s impending doom.

With a technology that TI is calling “DualView,” DLP sets capable of 120 hertz refresh rates will be able to display two completely different images at once, allowing two players to view the entire screen without letting either player see any portion of his competitor’s view.

Img_3207 The blurred, double image is what people not wearing the glasses would see, and actual game play while wearing the glasses was incredibly impressive and holds amazing promise for gamers everywhere. More importantly for TI, it could breathe more life into the RPTV market which has seen sales devastated as flat panel prices continue to drop. TI says that this will be compatible with any game title.
—John Sciacca