Do You VUDU?

Set-top-box movies just took a big step forward. You thought it was a good deal to get a song for 99 cents? How about watching a movie for 99 cents? VUDU has announced a summer special (but I wonder if it evolves into a new standard pricing structure) that features 99 movies, for 99 cents apiece.

Here's the deal: A new "99 for 99" movie channel features a rotating list of 99 movies that can be rented for 99 cents each. In addition, you can renew any SD movie rental for 99 cents within seven days of the initial viewing, and you can similarly renew HD movies for $1.99. This generous renewal policy lets you watch movies at your leisure, instead of trying to beat the rental clock.

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Using a VUDU set-top box ($299 from Best Buy) no computer is necessary, there are no software downloads, and no cable TV service or satellite subscription is required. -Ken C. Pohlmann