DLO HomeDock HD Comes Home

So, you've downloaded a ton of HD movies and TV shows to your iPod or iPhone. Good for you. So now you have a really great picture on a really tiny screen. Not exactly what the developers of HD had in mind, now, is it?

DLO is finally selling their oh-so-elegant solution. The HomeDock HD is the ideal interface between your iPod/iPhone and your home theater system. It will connect your iPod to an HD TV via HDMI with upscaling to either 720p or 1080i. It is compatible with all dockable iPods.

Keep reading for more specs on the HomeDock.

HomeDockHD2 The HomeDock comes with an RF remote control so you don't ever have to leave the couch - a simple on-screen user interface makes it easy to navigate.

It also charges your iPod when it's docked. Plus, it just looks hot. I don't even have a video-capable iPod and I want one of these things.

HD_hd_back_lrg A little behind the times? No prob - the HomeDock HD  comes with RCA and S-Video connections in case you're not quite in the HD world yet. —Leslie Shapiro