Dishing Out Slingbox DVR

Dish Network keeps dishing out the hits. They just revealed their latest DVR at a retailer conference, complete with a full array of Slingbox features. The 722s (the "s" identifies this unit as the Slingbox version of the previously released 722) is an HD DVR complete with a new user interface and a Yahoo-esque browser. The 722s adds Clip + Sling and Slingcatcher to make placeshifting your content easier than ever. Here's a quick wrap-up of these new features.

Clip + Sling lets you send video clips to your friends, directly from the 722s. Slingcatcher is really cool - it takes any source from the Internet, such as your HD streaming ABC favorites like Lost so you can watch them on your HDTV. The beach can't look any better. No street date yet or price for the 722s, but if you still have the receipt for your already-obsolete 722, you might want to head back to the store - Slinging is so much more fun. -Leslie Shapiro

via: Multichannel News