Dish Network terminates 10 retailers

Dish Network In a rather short press release issued this morning, Dish Network announced that it has terminated 10 retailers across 7 states and Puerto Rico. The company believes that the ten retailers have "engaged in illegal activity including fraud and misrepresentation while establishing customer accounts" for its service.

Dish didn't offer any more information about the allegations, save for a statement that the company doesn't tolerate illegal activity, and will take action against any retailer it thinks has engaged in fraud or misrepresentation.

The ten retailers terminated by the company were:

  • Rosario Gonzalez (as System Sate, Inc.) in North Hills, CA
  • Big Boy Entertainment in Parlier, CA
  • Technic Satellite, Inc. in Tampa, FL
  • TV Sur Satellite, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD
  • Calvin Cockman (as Tech Services) in Carthage, NC
  • Superior Satellite Services in Streetsboro, OH
  • American Satellite Co., L.L.C. in Salt Lake City, UT
  • D&C Entertainment, L.L.C. in Jefferson, WI
  • Alexis Proenza (as Panamerican Digital Satellites) in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Caguas Satellite Corp. in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Will Greenwald