DISH Gets Turbo-Charged

Dish Network is following the lead of DirecTV by adding a 1080p on-demand movie service and bringing its overal HD lineup to over 150, including TurboHD.

“Over the years, DISH Network has maintained a very competitive high definition offering in the marketplace, providing customers with a premium HD product including the best technology, signal and experience – at the best value – that no other pay-TV provider can come close to matching. Our latest system upgrade coupled with the introduction of TurboHD further strengthens our position as the leader in digital television and high definition television,” said Charlie Ergen, Chairman, CEO and President of DISH Network, according to an article on “We know that once consumers start watching their favorite TV shows in high definition, their viewing habits change and their preference switches to all-HD programming.

I just like the sound of TurboHD. Especially when it has to do with rocket ships.

The new channels were made possible by the launch of the Echo XI satellite, plus the upgrade to MPEG-4 compression. In August, the upgrade took effect in all MPEG-4-capable HD receivers and HD DVRs. This gives all Dish Network customers with those receivers the ability to display 1080p content.

DISH Network has all-HD packages for only $24.99/month, which they claim is the lowest in the industry. Turbo-charged HD TV. Does it get any better? —Leslie Shapiro

For details and a complete list of newly added HD channels, click here.