DirecTV Inching Toward 100 HD Channels

High-definition carriers make a lot of promises. Some they keep, some they don't. Last year, DirecTV promised 100 HD channels to its subscribers by the end of 2007. They didn't quite make it, even though the satellite broadcaster still had more HD channels than any other carrier at the end of the year.

DirecTV is inching closer to its goal, however. On Tuesday, the company added three channels, and boasted with a banner on its Web site that it now carries 95 HD channels.

The three additions are Disney Channel HD, Toon Disney HD, and ESPNews HD. With a recently launched satellite capable of adding 50 more national HD channels by fall 2008, DirecTV will make it to the 100-mark eventually.

Dish Network is hot on DirecTV's heels, and wants to offer 100 HD channels by the end of 2008. There's some confusion as to whether or not carriers count local HD affiliate channels in their totals. They shouldn't - local channels aren't avalable in all regions. But while the race to provide the most HD is still going, the carriers themselves are the ones keeping score. -Rachel Rosmarin