Denon names 5 big names 'Centennial Partners'


Denon is continuing its 100th anniversary proceedings by declaring its "Centennial Partners," a group of 5 home theater technology companies that Denon says has been vital in its projects.

The partners read like a Who's Who in home audio, and include Dolby, DTS, Control4, HD Radio, and Audyssey. Of the 5, 3 (Dolby, DTS, and Audyssey) have developed audio technologies included in a majority of home audio equipment, and a fourth (HD Radio) has advanced radio technology in both home and portable electronics. The fifth, Control4, created one of the backbone operating systems for home theater remote control systems, and its technology can be found in the majority of high-end custom install remote control products. The naming of the partners doesn't represent anything besides Denon showing appreciation for the firms that developed much of the technology inside its products, but it's interesting to see credit given.

Will Greenwald