Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55 Loudspeakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55 loudspeakers (MSRP $599) we are giving away.

According to Definitive Technology:

The Most Advanced Technologies for the Most Advanced Performance.

If you love great sound you must experience Definitive's new StudioMonitor 55 for yourself. Its racetrack bass radiator technology, along with our latest generation patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) bass/midrange drivers in a rock-solid attractive enclosure, delivers unsurpassed sonic performance and value.

Each SM 55 features a cast-basket 6-1/2" bass/midrange driver and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter. Definitive's patented BDSS technology supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges allowing longer, more linear excursion for greater clarity and finely textured inner detail. A new patent pending Linear Response Waveguide disperses sound over a wider area for crystal clear intelligibility for every listener in the room. The tweeter is a pure aluminum dome produces extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

The bass/midrange driver is pressure coupled to a top mounted racetrack bass radiator to extend and amplify bass. The total bass radiating area is substantially greater than that of a single 10-inch woofer but with far greater control, definition and speed than a single large woofer. The StudioMonitor's bass performance is nothing short of astonishing in its depth, detail and musicality.

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mastemaybe's picture

music room. Just add a serious sub and I'm set!


curt456's picture

I want my Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55s

fstevea's picture

These would be great!

fstevea's picture

These would be great!

schrammalama's picture

I'm still chugging along at 2.0, need me some surround.

tarzan1234's picture

I have never won anything in my life. Hope that will change this time.

ShckByte's picture

My Theater/"Planet Hollywood"-themed rooms will welcome speakers of this quality! Good luck to all.

bwh1116's picture

Great site, tons of awesome products!

c_arlos's picture

I'd like to win a pair!

texanalog's picture

Thanks for the chance to win a great pair of loudspeakers!!!

Telhunter's picture

I really, really could use these!

strongstein's picture

connect to my new Onkyo TX-NR809 receiver

fotoguy53's picture

My dear old (bought 'em in '94) NHT Super Zeros are just about toasted. A pair of these stylin' DT's would make me a happy camper!

talkie77's picture

i want to win the speakers

rohmer's picture

I always wanted to try DefTech speakers but just never had the chance. I only hear great things about them.

talkie77's picture

i want to win the speakers

true audio's picture

Oh give them a home, where home theater roams and music is all of my day. For they want to be heard and def techs the word and I am the one to give them their play!

rosound's picture

It would be great to start my audio journey with some free speakers. Really great.

curtdog's picture

Here we go defs!!!!! And the winner is??????

toddRiffic's picture

I had to box up my 7.2 Def Tech system yesterday. I'm down to flat panel TV speakers people! Can you find it in your heart to give the gift great sound to a Home Theater Geek in need?

(You should hear Sarah McLachlan's "In the arms of an angel" while reading this.)

Let your conscious be your guide,

ackbar1138's picture

Awesome speakers. Definitive Technology keeps putting out great speakers, year after year, that always give you a great bang for your buck.

mcrock19's picture

I would love to win these great speakers!

bounce77's picture

i want to win the speakers

dnjunge's picture

In it to win

krig's picture

These are great


Would love these for the bedroom

charliee22's picture

Great speakers, would love to have them in my system.

MaverickSITG's picture

I bought the DefTech series 600 and a Denon Receiver 7.1 last year at Best Buy and love the sound that comes out of these speakers. These Studio Monitor 55 would be a great addition to my home theater and I could finally make it 7.1 Thanks for the opportunity.

ou812's picture

Does this mean I have to get a newer tv than my 19 year old mitsubishior maybe a receiver. Maybe this how I talk my wife into it. But honey we have the speakers now we need the tv and receiver.

jputnam76's picture

Awesome Site, awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone!!

xgrifter's picture

I would love to have a pair

xgrifter's picture

I would love to have a pair

ndviper301's picture

If you are giving them away, I guess I can take them.

ZeroRes's picture

This would be the perfect opportunity for me to hear what speakers with bass radiators sound like in person. All ive ever owned is ported and sealed speakers, so i have no idea how these sound. Maybe it could sway me into upgrading the rest of my system with Def Tech if i like these enough :)

LFM's picture

Just heard these guys, I was impressed

jjlarrab's picture

Great looking studio speakers!

jjlarrab's picture

Great looking studio speakers!

strongstein's picture

preparing a place for the speakers - never buy anything before reading your reviews

frankml's picture

Listen to them the other day they sound great

gportillos's picture

I currently own some BP ST8060s and they are great. These would be perfect for the man cave.

BPS's picture

Would love to have these.Would look nice with my other Def Tech's.