The Dark Side of . . . the Wall?

Floyd_sacd_3 Floyd_nyc_2 After the 1973 original LP and the 2003 surround SACD, now comes the, um, hard-rock version of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

Just kidding! The hard rock here is actually a 3x10-foot section of a brick wall from a 175-year-old warehouse in lower Manhattan.

As a recent AP story speculated: "Could the design be a cryptic marker of mystical beliefs? A tradesman's signature? A bit of architectural shorthand? Or a creative way to patch a hole?"

Or . . . something that impressed an ancestor of Roger Waters on a trip to New York? Who knows! Hey, I realize that the location of the Manhattan building was on Pearl Street. But, y'know, Pearl Street is smack-dab between Wall Street and Water Street.

The lunatic is on the blog! -Ken Richardson

P.S. When that SACD was released, Sound & Vision was the only magazine to land interviews with both the engineer who remixed it, James Guthrie, and the engineer who didn't, Alan Parsons. Check 'em out.

P.P.S. And yes, folks, it is indeed The Dark Side of the Moon, not Dark Side of the Moon. Check your original LP!