Compact Disc: 44.1k, or 45rpm?

Did you miss the Futuresonic 2008 Festival this year? If so, you also missed Aleks Kolkowski's seminar during the Urban Festival of Art, Music, and Ideas. Mr. Kolkowski is using a vintage record cutting lathe to create 45rpm records on your own recycled CDs. What a great way to recycle those old Milli Vanilli discs! He can also carve up your old DVDs too. I wonder what he can do with an HD DVD disc?

F_2008 At the festival, folks could bring by a music file, and Mr. K would cut them onto their old discs right on the spot. Talk about multimedia: an MP3 file, cut into a CD, played on an analog turntable. Makes my head spin just thinking about it!-Leslie Shapiro

Futuresonic 2008