The Coming Telecom Competition

The crystal-ball gazers over at SNL Kagan are predicting that the various new telecommunications building projects in the U.S. (and around the world) will lead to intense competition among programming providers. Their research suggests that within five years, in 54 of the biggest 75 markets in the U.S., there will be four or more digital video distribution platforms all vying for your business. SNL Kagan specializes in "essential media and communications intelligence" and it's their business to keep careful track of these things.

Why should you care? Are you kidding?

This competition will be more exciting than a steel-cage death match, and will leverage your programming dollars like never before. As more and more diverse technologies roll out - IPTV, FTTH, DTH satellite, cable SDV, VOD, digital terrestrial television (DTT), hybrid DDT-IP, etc, etc - you'll have plenty of choices, and that will lead to lower prices. Moreover, you might actually see terrific customer service. Imagine cable, fiber and satellite all oiled up and locked in a steel cage. Three technologies enter, one technology leaves. Provided, of course, that you live in a major market. For all you rural folks, don't throw away your rabbit ears. -Ken C. Pohlmann