Comcast Center's 10,000,000 Pixels

While we've been poking fun at Comcast lately, you have to be impressed with this latest feat. They've bestowed the Comcast Center in Philadelphia with a 2,100 square foot media wall with five times the resolution of current HDTVs. Designed for them by Barco, the system, complete with a custom control room, cost the cable mogul $22 million. Hmmm, I wonder where they got the money from?

Comcast10millionpixelgallery01 It uses four-millimeter LED lights to create a huge seamless image. The automated control room can handle 27,000 gigabytes of information, and the display shows a variety of images. Our friends over at DVICE have a video display of it in action, plus more photos.

I don't know. If I paid $22 million for a display, I think I would have made other arrangements for the doorways. Wouldn't you? -Leslie Shapiro