Colorizing Still Around -- "Forbidden Zone" on DVD

How come we don't know about this cult classic? Legend films is releasing Forbidden Zone on DVD and on-demand digital download - now in color!  Who knew they were still colorizing films?  How fun is that?

Forbidden Zone was directed by Richard Elfman, and the music is by Danny Elfman, with the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo - Danny also has a star billing.  Hmmm.  Directed by Elfman, music by and starring Elfman. Interesting . . .

The DVD of Forbidden Zone features a 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS soundtrack, plus tons of bonus features.

"We are thrilled to present for the first time the color version of Forbidden Zone," says Barry Sandrew, PhD, Founder and COO, Legend Films. "Working on this cult classic with director Richard Elfman was a wonderful blend of creativity and technology."

"I always wanted to see Forbidden Zone in color," says Richard Elfman, the flick's director. "Now, 25 years later, with the incredible technical assistance and artistic collaboration of Legend Films, we are finally able to present the film as I always intended it - in vivid, glorious, mind-boggling color!"

Forbidden_zone Richard and Danny Elfman were founding members of the band Mystic Knights of the Oingo-Boingo. This film was the first in an impressive list of films scored by brother Danny.

From Danny Elfman's website: "When Rick first approached me about doing a musical score for his "no budget" film, Forbidden Zone, I thought sure, fine, it'll be fun. Sixty minutes of original music in a dozen differing styles needed to be created in and around various older, and often uneven, prerecorded pieces. But when he said that it must all be completed within a two week 'round-the-clock composing, arranging, and recording marathon, I thought he was crazy; but crazy is my middle name. I took on the challenge and enjoyed it immensely."

Colorized cult classics. Mind boggling. -Leslie Shapiro

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