CES 2012: Toshiba Glasses-Free 3D

Not that 2D images can convey what 3D looks like, but here are some images that'll give you an idea about the limitations of current glasses-free 3D.

These images are from Toshiba's booth, where they were showing off some surprisingly complete-looking autostereoscopic 3D TVs. 

Compared to the prototypes they had at CES last year, the new models have a way better 3D effect, though still not as good as a "regular" 3DTV. There's also a screen-door-like effect, giving the impression that the TV is only using 3/4 of the pixels, and the others are black. 

The footprints you see taped to the carpet are the required (no, not recommended) positions to see the 3D. You could also stand behind these positions (continuing the line from the TV). If you moved your head a few inches to either side, the 3D effect was lost, and the image went wonky. 

Another interesting feature to note is the row of small green circles along the top of the image. These are eye guides of some sort. When you're lined up correctly, they show a dot in a circle. Move off to one side or another, and arrows appear directing which way you should move your head. Pretty neat, that. 

Don't expect autostereoscopic to take over the industry any time soon, but it's pretty cool regardless.