CES 2010: Get ready for GoldenEar Technology

One of the best things about big trade shows like CES is running into old friends. I was glad to get the chance to catch up with Definitive Technology founder Sandy Gross, who recently parted ways with the company that he founded in 1990 (and sold to Directed Electronics in 2004).

Sandy is a purposeful guy, so his presence in Las Vegas is an obvious indicator that something big is in the works. As it turns out, that something is a new company: GoldenEar Technology. Sandy’s longtime engineering partner and co-Def Tech founder Don Givogue is onboard with the new company, which means that we’ll likely be seeing exciting stuff from them in the near future. No details are available to share yet, but given this duo’s history of turning out high-performance, high-value speakers, I’d lay odds that something along those lines is in the works. —Al Griffin