CES 2010: BA's new TVee 20 soundbar

Boston Acoustics has announced a new soundbar at CES 2010, a follow-up to last year's TVee Model 2. The TVee Model 20 features new drivers, a wireless subwoofer, a "learning" IR receiver, and, most importantly, a lower price tag. The Model 20 will retail for $299 when it ships in March, compared to the $350 Model 2.

The new 100-watt soundbar uses Boston Acoustics' new "hyperbolic high rigidity transducer" technology in its drivers, which the company claims allows for the lower price. It also features a remote learning function, which lets the soundbar adapt to remote controls you already have, so you can change the volume without changing remotes. Finally, the wireless subwoofer features uses a 6-inch downward-firing driver, similar to the subwoofer in the TVee Model 2.

Will Greenwald