CES 2009: Toshiba's Combo Platters

Toshiba's showing off a complete line of LCD/DVD combo units. Toshiba's still betting that DVD is going to be around for quite a while -- not a single Blu-ray player in their CES booth . . . this year. 

Toshiba believes there will be a huge surge in the combo market, and are looking to help consumers get the digital TVs they'll need moving forward. Namely, TVs to replace the sets in bedrooms and kitchens, with screen sizes ranging from 15 to 26 inches combined with a DVD player to reduce clutter and offer ease of use.

New for 2009 . . .

  IMGP3086 Toshiba is bringing back color. Sets will be available with black or white bezels. Contrast ratios will run 1,000:1, 720p resolution, and dual HDMI inputs. There will also be a PC input, so one monitor can be used in a bedroom/homework situation.

Prices for the 19, 22, and 26-inch class sets will be, respectively, $349, $449, and $549, and all will be available between March and April.

Maybe next year Toshiba will be showing off Blu-ray combos. Nah, it'll never happen. --Leslie Shapiro