CES 2009: Panasonic's Web-enabled TVs and Blu-ray

Panasonic unveiled their new ideas for their Viera TVs. VIERA CAST is a unique server that will be accessable by all Panasonic web-enabled TVs. Using one server, they'll be able to keep all past, current and future TVs up to date by funnelling them through the single server.

What will they be able to access through this server? New partnerships with Amazon will give Panasonic customers access to Amazon Video On Demand.

Also new from Panasonic:

Three new Blu-ray players, all with VIERA CAST, BD-Live and BonusView.

Perhaps most interesting was the debut of the world's first portable Blu-ray Disc Player.  This beauty has full 1080p, VIERA CAST, BD-Live and BonusView.  Why bother with a home unit when you can get this portable and enjoy Blu-ray at home and on the go?  --Leslie Shapiro