CES 2009: It's Not Easy Being Green

It's not easy being green. For starters, you have to add water. Panasonic put a new twist on the traditional Press Kit URL piece of paper. Yes, the URL is still there, but a closer look at the slightly thick and textured paper reveals that it is, in fact, also a flower garden.

The instructions read: "Soak this handmade seedpaper in a glass of water for a few hours. Place the card in a pot of soil and cover lightly. Keep out of direct sunlight and water 2 times a day. In a week or so, you'll start to have sprouts. Move outdoors when the weather permits. Enjoy your flowers! Contains: Marigolds and Cosmos."

The only downside, as far as I can tell, is that the damn flowers will obliterate the URL you might actually need.

Well, this should be interesting.  I'll set up a flowercam with a 30-second refresh so all of you can constantly check on the progress of the flowers. Much livelier and cuter than the puppcam. -- Ken C. Pohlmann