CES 2009: Day two - Simcraft Gaming System

If you’re still sitting on your couch to game, you’ve just officially become lame. Simcraft displayed their Apex SC830 racing simulator that is designed to “blur the line” between gaming and reality. (Or “blur the line” between being rich and quite a bit poorer when you see the price of this thing.) Racers sit in a race-styled car including an actual Recaro driving chair. The entire catch pitches, yaws, and rolls to correspond to on-screen action. At a price of $44,500, this is clearly designed for hard-core gamers who likely will never have a girlfriend or wife. And likely ones that are still living at home glomming off rich parents. Simcraft says they are also looking into providing sims for the military, at least while they’ve still got some cash to spend.—John Sciacca