CES 2009: Day two - Sim2 World's Smallest 3-chip 1080p Projector

Typically, 3-chip DLP projectors come in HUGE chassis. The kinds of behemoths that dominate large tabletops or need to be cosseted away behind a piece of glass in a projection room. Sim2 demo'd their C3X 1080, the world's smallest 3-chip 1080p projector, which just started shipping this week. This projector has a svelte form-factor that allow it to be placed in any room. With three different lens options, it is fairly placement flexible as well. The only thing they didn't shrink was the price. At $32,500, it isn't going to be showing up at your local Big Box chain any time soon. Click the video to see the projector firing onto a 110-inch diagonal 16x9 screen. It exhibited amazing blacks and ultra-high contrast with the exceptional color fidelity and brightness that comes from its 3-chip design.-John Sciacca