CES 2009: Day three - Inside Hitachi Ultra Thin LCD

A ninety-nine cent double-cheeseburger is about 1.5-inches thick, but looking inside one of those isn’t too interesting. Actually, looking inside one of those is equal parts scary, sadness and curiosity. What is interesting is taking a peek inside a Hitachi 37-inch Ultra Thin, 1.5-inch High-Def LCD TV. Crammed into the same space as a bun, two meat patties, American cheese and that random sauce are the techno-guts required for producing 2-million full HD pixels. If you’ve ever wondered how video manufacturers use their Tetris-master powers to squeeze the front bezel, LCD panel, 4 optical sheets, backlight unit, signal boards, terminal boards, power supply, filter boards, and the back cover, then watch the video.—John Sciacca