CES 2009: Day three - Alioscopy Glasses-free 3D TV

One of the big video stories from CES 2009 was 3D. Whether it was LCD, Plasma, DLP, flat panel, front projection or rear projection it seemed like every booth had a crowd of people standing around wearing plastic glasses with polarized lenses. If goofy glasses aren’t for you, then you might be excited by Alioscopy’s autostereoscopic, glasses-free, 3D technology. Instead of using the left-eye, right-eye images of other 3D technologies, Alioscopy mixes eight slightly offset views of a scene in real time. An optical lenticular lens is attached to the front of the display screen, and hundreds of micro-lenses operate like miniature magnifying glasses to display the eight points of view that change according to the viewer’s position. While it’s not the same as being there, the video gives you a taste of the 3D effect.—John Sciacca