CEDIA: Sony previews 400 shades of Blu with a new megachanger

I explained most of Sony's new Blu-ray products yesterday when covering the company's press conference, but I've been saving this gadget until I could actually get a picture of it.

Sony has a 400-disc Blu-ray mega-changer slated for 2009. It doesn't have an official name yet besides "Blu-ray Disc Mega-changer," but fortunately it doesn't really need a label more descriptive than that. It's a Blu-ray player with a carousel changer that can hold 400 discs at a time.

There aren't many details about the changer, besides that it'll have BD Live support and RS-232C for hooking it up to custom remote systems, but besides that all Sony will say is that it's a 400-disc Blu-ray changer. No spec sheet, no price, no specific release date besides 2009.

Still, flip between 400 Blu-ray discs without getting up? What more do you really need to know?  - Will