CEDIA: Snell's New Speakers

Snell introduced two new members of its Signature Series speakers, the in-cabinet "hidden" model IC-B7 (pictured here) and the in-wall "invisible" model IW-B7 (pictured next page). Both models are derived from the respected (and "elegant") Snell B7 tower speakers; they employ the same full-range driver configuration and are engineered to perform the same as the towers (except for bass response). They are custom installation-friendly models, for installation in millwork, or in walls and ceilings.

The design is courtesy of Snell's chief engineer, Dr. Joseph D'Appolito. Specifically, they feature dual 8-inch woofers, a D'Appolito array with dual 4-1/2 inch midrange drivers, and 1-inch silk dome tweeter. In addition, there are discrete crossover boards for bass, midrange and treble that allow tri-amping, bi-ampling and single-amping. An acoustic suspension cabinet is used.

More specifics on the two models....

Imgp2807The IC-B7 comes is two millwork versions ('s' and 'vh') with slightly different dimensions. The 'vh' model also has a rotatable D'Appolito array for horizontal or vertical mounting.

The IW-B7 is distinctly designed for in-wall or in-ceiling applications calling for discreet mounting. An aluminum back-box conforms to 2x4 stud walls. The array rotates.

To ensure bass response comparable to the B7 towers, Snell recommends the Hidden IC-Basis 300 sub or the Invisible IW-Basis 300 sub.

The Signature Series speakers aren't cheap. the in-cabinet model IC-B7 retails for $4,250 each, and the in-wall model IW-B7 retails for $5,000 each. -Ken C. Pohlmann