CEDIA: Panny Up-Sizes its PZ850 Plasma Line

You gotta wonder how TV makers decide what sizes their screens should be. Why does one manufacturer go for a 60-incher (cough, cough . . . Pioneer) while another goes for 58? Maybe someday, we'll try to find out for you. Till then . . .

After threatening promising to loose them earlier in the year, Panasonic just introduced two new entries in its PZ850 plasma line: the 58-inch model and a 68-er.

Naturally, the new sizes carry the same new tech as the previous sizes. Says the press release, "VIERA CAST technology, is one of many advances found in the PZ850 line. VIERA CAST is a revolutionary new feature that streams web content directly to your VIERA HDTV without the need for an external box or a PC. The consumer can access the unlimited YouTube™ library, share digital photos from Picasa™ Web Albums with friends and family, get local weather updates and gain access to financial data from Bloomberg. There is no fee for VIERA Cast and the feature automatically updates itself as new web content becomes available."

Hey TiVo gets YouTube now too, so, how else can you impress me?

"As a result of listening to our customers, Panasonic's flagship VIERA line features a Pro Setting Mode that provides the consumer with access to calibration software. This is yet another example of Panasonic's philosophy of ideas for life from life."

The calibration stuff is nice, but I think it's the "for life from life" that really gets me.-Rob Medich