CEDIA Expo 2008

There's this gig that's been on our minds All the time, CE-CE-CEDIA. Expo-oh-oh . . .Whoa - sorry about that, Phil Collins. But we here at S&V are still buzzing about the 2008 Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo! We hit the convention floor in full force, sticking our cold, wet noses into every little exhibit booth in Denver, Colorado. We saw firsthand the latest and greatest in home electronics gear (and met some super-nice Coloradans!).The benefit to you, dear reader? We posted photos, features, and blog entries - all accessible below. Check out our Sept. 3 through Sept. 7 coverage. And, c'mon - just say the word: CE-CE-CEDIA.

The Blog You know our blog, bitsream? During CEDIA, it will be known as "bitstreamia." To catch our latest rants and wallops of expertise, Click here. We'll get you the news soon after it happens.

Front Projectors Hit New Lows -- and Highs CEDIA: As prices drop and quality jumps, full frontal projection is looking more and more sexy. Read More.

CEDIA: Sciacca's Kinda Town S&V columnist John Sciacca reflects daily on CEDIA as seen through his custom-installer eyes. Read More.

SACD: Night of the Living Format Don't bury Super Audio CD -- it's not dead! The zombie format made a number of appearances at CEDIA '08.Read More.

Dolby to TV: Shut Up! CEDIA Quick Take: Is there finally a weapon to stifle those blaring TV commercials and even-out TV channel audio? We get a demo of the new sonic equalizer, Dolby Volume.Read More.

Wireless HDMI: Out of the Ether If the CEDIA Expo is a reliable barometer, the long-desired, long-promised Wireless HDMI technology is finally becoming a reality.Read More.

Front Projectors Hit New Lows -- and Highs, Part II After bumming around CEDIA for a couple more days, the light really shined upon us: We realized we're entering a golden era of home frontal projection.Read More.

Runway Models (of Speakers) It's hard to improve on the performance of today's best speakers -- but it's always possible to come up with wild new designs. Here's a fashion show of our CEDIA faves.Read More.