Car Subs That Kick Bass

Kicker CompVX Series car subwoofers

Oklahoma-based Kicker made waves (the good kind, that is) a few years back with its high-performance L7 square subwoofers, which sported more cone area and moved more air than round subs of comparable size. Recognizing that some people may prefer to stick with tradition, Kicker poured its square-sub technology into the new CompVX series of round subs. (Insert your own variation on the theme of "fitting square pegs into round holes" here.) Available in 2- or 4-ohm dual-voice-coil versions, the 10-inch CVX10 ($349), 12-inch CVX12 ($399), and 15-inch CVX15 ($499) can pound with the best of 'em in sealed or vented boxes.

Complementing them is the new ZX.1 series of mono subwoofer amplifiers. A highlight of the line is the ZX1001.1 ($799), a Class D power plant that can deliver 1,000 watts into 2 ohms. Stylewise, Kicker decided to drop the aluminum end caps that were the signature of last year's models. But gain knobs still go to 11.

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