California declares July 1, 2009 "DTS 7.1 Day"

California sealHappy DTS 7.1 Day! If you're a resident of the Golden State (and more specifically, the SoCal community of Agoura Hills), then today is a day to celebrate DTS 7.1 surround. Agoura Hills mayor Denis Weber and California 41st District assemblywoman Julia Brownley have proclaimed that July 1st, 2009, is "DTS 7.1 Day."

What does this mean? Well, it means DTS put up a nice web site highlighting the day and that Fred Willard will be in some more comedy sketches, but besides that, it doesn't mean a whole lot.

While DTS has been saying that the California Assembly has recognized today as "DTS 7.1 Day," it's basically just the work of the aforementioned mayor and assemblywoman. Don't expect Governor Schwarzenegger to make a statewide declaration of the day, or for everyone from Napa to San Diego to celebrate 7.1 surround. It doesn't really represent anything at all.

Besides DTS 7.1 Day, July 1 distinguishes itself as Canada Day, Tartan Day in New Zealand and Australia, and the halfway mark for leap years. Of course, none of these celebrations really involve surround sound.

Will Greenwald