Boston Acoustics subwoofers go wireless

BA CPS 10Wi 'tis the season for wireless, it seems. Now Boston Acoustics is getting on the cord-cutting bandwagon with three new wireless subwoofers.

The CPS 8Wi, CPS 10Wi, and CPS 12Wi are the newest members of the company's Classic series. They're respectively 200-/8-, 300/10-, and 400/12-watt/inch subwoofers with built-in wireless receivers. Each subwoofer is designed to work with the company's WT 50 wireless transmitter, which boasts a range of up to 50 feet.

It's not quite the fully wireless home theater system we'd like to see some day, but the new subwoofers are joining the growing trend of wireless bass-busters designed for flexibility in placement.

The CPS 10Wi and WT 50 transmitter are available now for $500 and $80. The CPS 8Wi and CPS 12Wi ship later this month, and will retail for $400 and $600.

Will Greenwald