Bose's New 3-2-1 DVD Systems Add HDMI, But...

Bose is releasing two new versions of their 3-2-1 home entertainment systems. These are 2.1 systems that employ Bose TrueSpace Digital circuitry with Dolby Digital and DTS to create a simulated surround image from the two stereo speakers. The new systems are the 3-2-1 GS and the 3-2-1 GSX Series III systems. Finally, Bose has added HDMI outputs and the main unit will upconvert 480p to 1080p.

But we gotta ask: where's the Blu-ray?

Bose_logo It's about time for Bose to make the transition to Blu-ray, or at least offer it as an option. Currently, the systems are based around a media center with a built-in DVD/CD player. The 3-2-1 GS is $999 and the 3-2-1 GSX is $1,499. If I'm buying a new system, and paying a lot for them, I want Blu-ray.

Both Series III systems have an AM/FM tuner, and three audio inputs for additional sources, plus Bose Link technology to interface with Lifestyle 38 and Lifestyle 48 systems.

The 3-2-1 GSX Series III adds Bose's uMusic playback system that stores up to 200 hours of music.

We have to wonder if they just feel it would be a waste to include Blu-ray on a 2.1 system, or are they just truly lagging behind the times? -Leslie Shapiro

Via Electronic House