Blu-ray Makeup?

We all know Hollywood has a certain image to maintain. When you see an actor on the big screen, up close and personal, you can see right into their soul. Good lord, let's hope you don't have to see every brush stroke of liquid foundation or flakes of powder makeup. Eww.

Film techniques were developed to soften the look of an actor's skin, but the clarity of HD makes that harder to do. Just as Hollywood was worried that HD would show every flaw on a person's face, which it does, HD also shows every attempt to cover up those flaws.

Hollywood has always been on the cutting edge of the makeup biz. Airbrush cosmetics were used in Ben Hur long before airbrushed makeup became popular. However, it's coming back in a big way. Airbrushing eliminates noticeable streaks and brush or sponge strokes, plus the coverage is more natural and looks better in HD. New mascaras, lipsticks, foundations (liquid makeup) and powders are being developed that will reflect light back instead of absorbing it, giving skin a smooth, flawless look. Not only is Botox gaining in popularity, but HD-specific makeup is becoming more and more popular.

Most interesting, though, is how HD makeup is moving out of the professional makeup artist's bags and moving into the mainstream.

See which companies are making that flawless porcelain finish available for us non-celebrity types.

Temptu has Hi-Def S/B makeup that can be applied by hand or airbrush. Smashbox Cosmetics, a division of Smashbox Studios, a film company started by ancestors of legendary Hollywood cosmetics icon Max Factor, has their best-selling foundation — HD, of course.  Christian Dior is on board too.

Sephora has a complete line of HD cosmetics for sale in their boutiques.

This one has to be my favorite: Canadian cosmetics company Cargo had a line created for the TV industry, but now their "Blu-ray" line is selling at retail for all of us (actually, for sale through Sephora, in case you're going shopping).  Good thing they didn't name it "HD DVD", right? —Leslie Shapiro

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