Blockbuster, TiVo join forces, put VOD on DVR

Tivo Blockbuster TiVo has just announced a partnership with Blockbuster to expand the availability of both TiVo DVRs and Blockbuster's on-demand video service. By the second half of 2009, TiVo will have integrated Blockbuster OnDemand content into its Series2, Series3, HD, and HD XL DVR units. Users will be able to rent and buy movies from Blockbuster directly through their TiVos.

In addition to getting Blockbuster videos while watching their TiVos, customers will also be able to get TiVos while browsing at Blockbuster. The company's brick-and-mortar stores will begin carrying TiVos, and will directly sell the units.

To promote the partnership, both TiVo and Blockbuster plan to begin marketing campaigns that highlight the crossover services and products. Blockbuster already offers a set-top box for its VOD content, the 2Wire MediaPoint Media Player. Keep an eye on Bitstream as we determine whether Blockbuster's little brother to the TiVo will end up a Jan Brady or a Chuck Cunningham.

(UPDATE: I spoke with a Blockbuster representative, who said that the company will still sell the 2Wire MediaPoint box, and that it doesn't plan to drop the system any time soon. It will be sold alongside TiVo products at Blockbuster stores and on Jan Brady it is!)

Will Greenwald