Belkin FlyWire Wireless HDTV

Belkin is introducing an amazing new product that can improve the appearance of many home theaters. Unsightly wires, or non-optimal placement of components can now be avoided. The Belkin FlyWire is a transmitter, receiver and remote control that wirelessly carries high-definition 1080p throughout a whole household.

This system will work with an array of products, letting you put A/V components in one room, projector on the ceiling, TV in another room, all without running a single A/V cable. OF course, you will need power for the unit.

Flywire_transmitter FlyWire does not compress video, and there is no latency so you can use it for video games without a problem.  It operates in the open 5GHz band, and it automatically adjusts frequency and power to overcome impedance and avoid interference. It has three HDMI inputs, two component, and one composite input. There is a single HDMI output. It supports 1080p down to 480i.

Flywirereceiver Two versions of FlyWire will be available. FlyWire AV69003 is a whole-home system that works through walls and windows. The AV69003 will be available in late October 2008 for $999.99. The FlyWire R1 AV69000 is a single-room system, designed to work with equipment located in one room. This model will be available Q1 2009 and will retail for $699.99.

Ls_av69000_02_r8 The FlyWire is a great solution for a major problem most home theater consumers face. Why spend thousands on an amazing display and then have a god-awful HDMI cable running to it. How could you? —Leslie Shapiro