Beatles remasters: "Listen"

Verlyn Klinkenborg has done it again. Bitstream browsers will recall that, one week ago, I linked to his New York Times editorial on Maurice Jarre. Now, in today's paper, he has submitted a similarly rhapsodic piece on the coming CD remasters of the Beatles' catalog, under the simple title: "Listen."

Reminiscing, he writes: "Growing up . . . I owned a cheap portable record player with a volume knob, a single tone control, and a primitive needle. But when you hear 'Ticket to Ride' for the first time, all the fidelity you need is between your ears."

I can (and will, eventually) take issue with his assertion that the original Beatles CDs were a sonic "disaster," but never mind that now. Simply read his new editorial to help you once again take a trip down your own personal Penny Lane.

And stay tuned here for my follow-up piece on the Beatles remasters re: What They Got Right and What They Got Wrong, coming soon.

— Ken Richardson