The Beatles Catalog Now Officially For Sale on iTunes

It took the better part of a decade for Steve Jobs and his Apple associates to get it figured out, but you can now officially buy the music of The Beatles from the iTunes store. They have also launched a special section of the Apple site dedicated to the band. 

The copyright battle that kept the Fab Four off of Apple's behemoth digital music service raged on for the better part of a decade. But, as of this morning, you can now purchase the band's entire catalog, including the incredible box set, which will set you back $149 in iTunes LP format. That includes all of the album artwork and liner notes, as well as the iTunes exclusive Live at the Washington Coliseum 1964 live videos, which die-hard fans will surely want to own.

For fans that don't want to jump into the whole box set, individual albums can be purhcased for $12.99 in iTunes LP format, while individual tracks cost $1.29. The Past Masters and White Album, howerver, command $19.99.

While buying the box set of CDs (or even vinyl) is still the best way to go for hardcore audiophiles, the comments on the iTunes page all seem extremely enthusiastic about the battle coming to an end. We'll be interested to see what the sales numbers look like after a couple of months. But, we have hunch that they'll be just fine.

Inside the Making of the Beatles Remasted Catalog
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