Audiophile Theater: Totem Acoustic Dreamcatcher 5.1

Ontario's Totem Acoustic is a company known throughout the audiophile world for its excellent, musical two-channel designs. Less well known is the fact that the company also makes multichannel home theater products that sound very good.

Among Totem's many attractive offerings is the Dreamcatcher 5.1, a five-channel surround system with dedicated center channel and a self-powered 200-watt subwoofer. Clad in maple, cherry, mahogany, and black ash, the Dreamcatchers are built with stiff lock mitered jointing and "true monocoque" construction techniques that insure imperviousness to changes in temperature or humidity.

Totem uses premium-quality drivers - 4" midwoofers and 1" titanium dome tweeters. Large gauge air core coils in the crossover avoid high-level signal saturation, thereby delivering clean audio regardless of volume. The four matching main speakers offer superb "holographic" imaging without occupying a tremendous amount of floor space. The center channel has a frequency response of 45Hz to 25kHz; the main monitors run from 57Hz to 25kHz, and the small powered subwoofer, with its own volume and frequency adjustments, operates from 30 to 150Hz.