Atlantic Technology's new speakers

Atlantic Technology has unveiled three new series of home theater speakers, along with a set of new, powered subwoofers. The inspirationally-named System 1400, System 2400, and System 4400 speakers replace the System 1200, System 2200, and System 4200e models the company previously offered.

Each speaker series includes three different models: an LR front channel speaker, an MTM center channel speaker, and a selectable dipole/bipole surround channel speaker. A new speaker, the System 1400 SR-Z, brings the total number of new satellites to an even 10. The 1400 SR-Z is a dipole/bipole selectable model that Atlantic says is designed for use in the height channels of 7.1 or 9.1 systems that use Dolby Pro Logic IIz (but it also works as a standard surround speaker for 5.1 or 7.1 set-ups).

The new models feature subtle changes from the previous Atlantic speaker lines. The System 1400 and 2400 models now use Atlantic's "low resonance tweeter," and the System 4400 speakers offer new on-wall mounting options. Their visual designs have also been tweaked, to look similar to the company's floor-standing speakers.

Atlantic also revealed three new subwoofers, plus a juiced-up version of an older model. The SB 642e is now available in a 350-watt version, and is joined by the new 180-watt 224 SB, 220-watt 334 SB, and the 325-watt 444 SB subwoofers.

The new speakers will be available in late May. Individual components will range from $305 to $1,200, with complete 5.1-channel systems retailing for $1,680 to $3,800.

Will Greenwald